Saturday, 17 February 2007

17th Feb 2007

Well here I am blogging away. The phenomenom seems to surpass me. I think I just filled in the previous screens with the wrong information... never mind.

Well today I am still recovering from bad cold. Had tickley cough again all through the night. Got back from work at 12.30am last night which wasn't too bad. Came to bed and kept coughing constantly. Woke Bill up who just said "drink some cough medicine", then rolled over.

Another long and boring day at work today. Heather doing F all as usual except moan moan moan about how much she hates work and life and how ill she is. I swear she is a hypochondriac but if she actually lost some weight she wouldn't have all her bodily ailments.

Went round to Bill's mom's after work as she has had a new terrier puppy. He's so cute - 8 weeks old and just a ball of wirey fluff! I think they should call it Teddy as it looks like one! Will get picture to put on here.

Was going to make a lasagne from scratch for tea but it was too late by the time we got home. Walked Copper then got fish & chips for tea as usual. All that shopping yesterday for naff all! Watched crappy Sat night telly while on phone to mum n Herb, then came up on computer before bed at 10.30.

What an existence.

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